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Label Description
URI dct_description_sm
Obligation Suggested
Multivalued true
Field type array of strings
Purpose To provide the user with a summary of the resource
Entry Guidelines At minimum, this is a reiteration of the title in sentence format. Other relevant information, such as data creation methods, data sources, and special licenses, may also be included. Description is a plain text field by default.
Commentary This field is the second-most prominent value (after Title) that users see when search or browsing for items. Although not required, it is strongly recommended. If the description is minimal or lacking, it can be improved by concatenating available metadata fields, such as title, date, format, and place. This is a plain text field, so html code is not supported here unless the application is customized.
Controlled Vocabulary no
Example value "This polygon shapefile represents boundaries of election districts in New York City. It was harvested from the NYC Open Data Portal."
Element Set DCMI
Group Bibliographic - general