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Resource Type

Label Resource Type
URI gbl_resourceType_sm
Obligation Recommended
Multivalued true
Field type array of strings
Purpose To provide a secondary level of categories for classifying the spatial type or structure of a dataset
Entry Guidelines Choose one or more terms from the list (see below). Other terms are allowed.
Commentary This field combines an established list of terms for scanned maps (Cartographic Genres) and a custom list for geospatial data types. Additional terms are welcome - please submit them to the community for review and inclusion into the official vocabulary.
Controlled Vocabulary yes - not strict
Example value ["Point data"]
Element Set GBL
Group Categories

Controlled Vocabulary

Term Source
Aerial photographs LOC
Aerial views LOC
Aeronautical charts LOC
Annotations GBL
Armillary spheres LOC
Astronautical charts LOC
Astronomical models LOC
Atlases LOC
Basemaps GBL
Bathymetric maps LOC
Block diagrams LOC
Bottle-charts LOC
Cadastral maps LOC
Cartographic materials LOC
Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities LOC
Celestial charts LOC
Celestial globes LOC
Census data LOC
Children’s atlases LOC
Children’s maps LOC
Comparative maps LOC
Composite atlases LOC
Digital elevation models LOC
Digital maps LOC
Early maps LOC
Ephemerides LOC
Ethnographic maps LOC
Fire insurance maps LOC
Flow maps LOC
Gazetteers LOC
Geological cross-sections LOC
Geological maps LOC
Globes LOC
Gores (Maps) LOC
Gravity anomaly maps LOC
Index maps LOC
Line data GBL
Linguistic atlases LOC
Loran charts LOC
Manuscript maps LOC
Mappae mundi LOC
Mental maps LOC
Mesh data GBL
Meteorological charts LOC
Military maps LOC
Mine maps LOC
Miniature maps LOC
Multi-spectral data GBL
Nautical charts LOC
Oblique photographs GBL
Outline maps LOC
Photogrammetric maps LOC
Photomaps LOC
Physical maps LOC
Pictorial maps LOC
Plotting charts LOC
Point cloud data GBL
Point data GBL
Polygon data GBL
Portolan charts LOC
Quadrangle maps LOC
Raster data GBL
Relief models LOC
Remote-sensing maps LOC
Road maps LOC
Satellite imagery GBL
Statistical maps LOC
Stick charts LOC
Streetview photographs GBL
Strip maps LOC
Table data GBL
Thematic maps LOC
Topographic maps LOC
Tourist maps LOC
Upside-down maps LOC
Wall maps LOC
World atlases LOC
World maps LOC
Worm’s-eye views LOC
Zoning maps LOC