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Label Rights
URI dct_rights_sm
Obligation Recommended
Multivalued true
Field type array of strings
Purpose To provide a free text field for rights information, such as usage, access, or copyright
Entry Guidelines Enter free text of generic, catch-all access and usage rights. It can include clickable links; all access and usage rights.
Commentary This field is intended to be flexible to accommodate different types of rights and disclaimers. Users are encouraged to adopt one of the statements.
Controlled Vocabulary no
Example value "All data is copyrighted by China Data Center and/or its suppliers. Derived works that include the source data must be merged with other value-added data in such a way that the derived work cannot be converted back to the original source data format. This data is licensed by UC Berkeley for research, educational, and other non-commercial use by authorized users, which include persons affiliated with UC Berkeley and walk-in users who must access the data in person at the library. []("
Element Set DCMI
Group Bibliographic - general