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Workflows and Tools

Table of contents

  1. Example workflow
  2. Standalone scripts
  3. Integrated applications

Example workflow

At Stanford, the metadata records are natively authored in ESRI ArcCatalog and then transformed into ISO 19139. The ISO 19139 records are then transformed to MODS for the library catalog and GeoBlacklight for the GeoBlacklight catalog.

Stanford Metadata Workflow Stanford University Metadata Workflow

Take, for example, the metadata for this layer. It has the ISO 19139 version of the metadata, along with the Feature Catalog (in ISO 19110). We also have the transformation into MODS and to GeoBlacklight, as well as a preview image. In some cases, you may even have an HTML version of the metadata for someone to read.

Standalone scripts

These scripts can be downloaded and used locally for creating, transforming, and publishing OGM schema metadata.


Overview SdrFriend is a Ruby gem that allows people of various skill levels to interface with DSpace, GDAL, GeoServer, and other spatial data collection tools (performs rake tasks on a SDI, crosswalks csv and JSON files).
Requirements Ruby 2.4.0 [if needed: Ruby Version Manager (RVM)], homebrew, bundler
Originator NYU


Overview A Ruby toolkit that is useful for cloning, updating, and indexing metadata from OpenGeoMetdata and includes a library for converting metadata between standards. XSL sheets are found here.
Requirements Ruby
Originator Stanford

JSON Schema

Overview A JSON file for validating the structural form of the GBL metadata.

Convert MARC files to GeoBlacklight Metadata files

Overview A preliminary workflow to convert MARC metadata for historic and print maps into JSON metadata according to the GeoBlacklight 1.0 Metadata Schema.
Requirements Python
Originator Johns Hopkins University
Related resource Johns Hopkins University Geoportal Metadata Application Profile (JHU-GMAP) 1.0

OGM Aardvark Metadata Scripts

Overview Basic Pythons scripts to convert ArcGIS-generated XML files to Aardvark schema JSON files. Queries the GeoNames database to retrieve placenames for the dct_spatial_sm field.
Requirements Python
Originator UMass Amherst

Integrated applications

These tools were built as part of automated workflows for specific repositories.


Overview A custom tool with a built-in metadata editor that can load information directly into Geoserver. Can accept templates if multiple uploads are needed.
Requirements bootstrap, handlebars, jquery
Originator CU Boulder


Overview A digital repository application in use at Princeton University Library for storing and managing digital representations of manuscripts, ephemera, vector, and raster data for export into a variety of front-end displays.
Requirements Ruby, Java, Postgres, GDAL and more
Originator Princeton