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Aardvark to GBL 1.0

The following chart shows the full Aardvark schema and which GBL 1.0 fields can be directly mapped.

Crosswalk table

Aardvark Label OGM Aardvark GBL 1.0 Note
Access Rights dct_accessRights_s dc_rights_s new field name
Alternative Title dct_alternative_sm - new field
Bounding Box dcat_bbox solr_geom new field
Centroid dcat_centroid - new field
Creator dct_creator_sm dc_creator_sm new namespace
Date Issued dct_issued_s dct_issued_s no change
Date Range gbl_dateRange_drsim - new field
Description dct_description_sm dc_description_s new namespace; single to multi-valued
File Size gbl_fileSize_s - new field
Format dct_format_s dc_format_s new namespace
Geometry locn_geometry solr_geom new field
Georeferenced gbl_georeferenced_b - new field
ID id layer_slug_s new field name
Identifier dct_identifier_sm dc_identifier_s new namespace; single to multi-valued
Index Year gbl_indexYear_im solr_year_i new field name; single to multi-valued
Is Part Of dct_isPartOf_sm - new value type (see Elements without a crosswalk)
Is Replaced By dct_isReplacedBy_sm - new field
Keyword dcat_keyword_sm - new field
Language dct_language_sm dc_language_s or _sm new namespace; single to multi-valued
License dct_license_sm - new field
Member Of pcdm_memberOf_sm - new field
Metadata Version gbl_mdVersion_s geoblacklight_version new field name
Modified gbl_mdModified_dt layer_modified_dt new field name
Provider schema_provider_s dct_provenance_s new field name
Publisher dct_publisher_sm dc_publisher_s new namespace; single to multi-valued
References dct_references_s dct_references_s no change
Relation dct_relation_sm - new field
Replaces dct_replaces_sm - new field
Resource Class gbl_resourceClass_sm - new field
Resource Type gbl_resourceType_sm - new field
Rights dct_rights_sm - new field
Rights Holder dct_rightsHolder_sm - new field
Source dct_source_sm dc_source_sm new namespace
Spatial Coverage dct_spatial_sm dct_spatial_sm no change
Subject dct_subject_sm dc_subject_sm new namespace
Suppressed gbl_suppressed_b suppressed_b new namespace
Temporal Coverage dct_temporal_sm dct_temporal_sm no change
Theme dcat_theme_sm - new field
Title dct_title_s dc_title_s new namespace
Version dct_isVersionOf_sm - new field
WxS Identifier gbl_wxsIdentifier_s layer_id_s new field name
- - dc_type_s deprecated field
- - layer_geom_type_s deprecated field
- - dc_isPartOf_sm deprecated literal field, replaced by nonliteral dct_isPartOf_sm,, which takes an ID

Elements without a crosswalk

Most of the elements from GBL 1.0 can be crosswalked directly into OGM Aardvark. The values for these elements are the same - only the field name has changed or the field has been converted to an array.

However, there are three elements in GBL 1.0 that do not directly translate into OGM Aardvark. While they have been replaced with similar fields in OGM Aardvark, the values themselves would need to be altered during crosswalking.

Type (dc_type_s)

  • GBL 1.0 Description: This single-valued GBL 1.0 field observes the Dublin Core controlled vocabulary for Type, including Dataset, Image, Collection, Interactive Resource, or Physical Object.
  • Similar Aardvark element: This has been replaced in Aardvark with the multi-valued Resource Class, which uses a custom controlled vocabulary of Collections, Datasets, Imagery, Maps, Web services, and/or Other.

Geometry Type (layer_geom_type_s)

  • GBL 1.0 Description: This single-valued GBL 1.0 field differentiates between vector (Point, Line, Polygon), raster (Raster, Image), non-spatial formats (Table), or a combination (Mixed).
  • Similar Aardvark element: This has been replaced in Aardvark with the multi-valued Resource Type, which uses a controlled vocabulary drawn from Library of Congress cartographic genres and GIS geometries.

Is Part Of (dct_isPartOf_sm)

  • GBL 1.0 Description: This multi-valued GBL 1.0 plain text field is for writing out the name of a collection. Example: dct_isPartOf_sm:"Village Maps of India"
  • Similar Aardvark element: The field name is the same in Aardvark, but it is now a non-literal field. The value must be one or more IDs that reference another record within the system. Example: dct_isPartOf_sm:"princeton-z603r079s"