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Solr Field Suffixes

The following suffixes are part of the OGM Aardvark schema and may be used by custom fields.

Field Suffix Type Description Example
_b Boolean Values can be true or false gbl_georeferenced_b
_im Integer, multivalued Digits gbl_indexYear_im
_drsim Date range, multivalued Date range in a specified string format: "[1980 TO 1995]" gbl_dateRange_drsim
_dt Date Date and time in a specified string format: "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ" gbl_mdModified_dt
_s String Single string of text dct_title_s
_sm String, multivalued Multiple strings of text dct_subject_sm


For a full list of spatial field types and their suffixes used in GeoBlacklight, see