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Metadata Processing Scripts

These batch processing scripts were created by members of the OpenGeoMetadata community. They can be downloaded and used locally for creating, transforming, and publishing OGM schema metadata. Click on the links to visit the code repositories to learn more.

Name Overview
Convert MARC files to GeoBlacklight Metadata files A preliminary Python workflow to convert MARC metadata for historic and print maps into JSON metadata according to the GeoBlacklight 1.0 Metadata Schema.
gbl-1_to_aardvark This script will convert the crosswalkable fields in a batch of JSON files in the GeoBlacklight 1.0 schema into the OpenGeoMetadata Aardvark schema
gbl2aardvark A a simple javascript application that lets you easily convert GeoBlacklight 1.0 records to the new OpenGeoMetadata Aardvark schema.
GeoCombine A Ruby toolkit that is useful for cloning, updating, and indexing metadata from OpenGeoMetdata and includes a library for converting metadata between standards. XSL sheets are found here
OGM Aardvark Metadata Scripts Basic Pythons scripts to convert ArcGIS-generated XML files to Aardvark schema JSON files. Queries the GeoNames database to retrieve placenames for the Spatial Coverage field.
SdrFriend SdrFriend is a Ruby gem that allows people of various skill levels to interface with DSpace, GDAL, GeoServer, and other spatial data collection tools (performs rake tasks on a SDI, crosswalks csv and JSON files).